Novice Finals

  • 6
    This House supports a norm of embracing anger in public discourse rather than one of aspiring for muted & unemotional objectivity
  • Grand Final

  • 7
    THP a world where women are cast in lead villain roles by film and TV studios as much as men are in Status Quo
  • Semifinals

  • 5
    TH, as the EU, would ban member states from joining the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)
  • Round 4

  • 4
    TH Opposes the centrality of a sport to national identity
  • Round 3

  • 3
    THBT governments of developing countries should positively disincentivize students from pursuing further education overseas
  • Round 2

  • 2
    TH Supports retrospective representation of BIPOC characters in film or tv adaptations
  • Round 1

  • 1
    In natural disaster prone areas, THW replace all state rebuilding and reconstruction efforts with direct cash transfers to affected citizens